the faces behind the brand

Aside from the planning, creativity, and coordination, we honestly just love every aspect of what we do. We enjoy learning about our clients and what makes our sweet couples, who are the absolute best, unique, and it’s important for our clients to learn about us as well. We want you to connect with us. LA EVENTOR is always a warm and inviting atmosphere. Trust is key. Building relationships with our clients is crucial to bring wedding dreams to life.  

tori r.

I enjoy long walks to The Point, with my husband Anthony, two sons, Tony and Bo, and English Bulldog, Rito. He’s named after Doritos because Doritos > any other snack. Yes, Anthony and I served Doritos at our wedding with zero shame, because that's what makes us, us. I love the smell of fresh flowers, particularly roses or white frill tulips, next to pillar candle bundles burning. I love the look of the combination, too. I’m a sucker for spending my free time aimlessly strolling through Crate & Barrel, and I have almost every set of their wine glass collections. I’m not too much of a wine drinker, but I will enjoy my Tito’s and tonic with extra lime juice in square wine glasses any day. Other than home, my favorite place is the country of Greece and if you get the chance, you will hear all about it. My goal is to design and coordinate weddings there one day. I can feel that goal in my near future.

Owner, Principal Planner, Designer, and coordinator

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lauren s.

I’ve always been in love with weddings and, specifically, the details of an event. So when Tori asked me to be a part of LA EVENTOR, I was beyond grateful and could not pass up the opportunity. I’m your quintessential type-A, Virgo who literally lives for lists and plans for everything. I love anything classic, timeless and glamorous. I’m not kidding, my Aunt calls me, “GLAMOUR GIRL.” I live in the suburbs of Moon Township with my husband and our giant, goofy dog, Moose.

In my spare time, you can find me carefully curating and defining each room in our new home or trying out a fabulous restaurant in Pittsburgh. I also love iced coffee year round, my skincare routine, traveling, nights on our back porch with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc and my favorite oldies playlist. 

I can’t wait to work together! Cheers to new relationships, beautiful visions and fabulous events!

Principal planner, Designer, and coordinator